Used Fiesta Cars

There are 3 used Ford Fiesta cars for sale in India. 0 of these are used petrol Ford Fiesta cars, whereas 3 are used diesel Ford Fiesta cars. Besides, 3 of these are used manual Ford Fiesta cars, whereas 0 are used automatic Ford Fiesta cars. Browse from 3 used diesel Ford Fiesta cars or pick from 0 used petrol Ford Fiesta cars. The cheapest Ford Fiesta in the list can be bought for Rs.99,000 , whereas the most expensive Ford Fiesta will cost you Rs.5.2 Lakh. 3 of the used Ford Fiesta cars are listed by individual sellers, whereas 0 are posted by used Ford Fiesta dealers in India. Filter your interest using the filters provided at the left hand side. Interestingly, you can also filer cars with even or odd number plates.